Wholesale Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Whether you’re a specialty grocer, a gourmet shop, or manage the purchasing for a large grocer , Il Re brings your business the finest bulk product selection at competitive pricing.  The olives we use to craft our premium, Italian extra virgin olive oil are grown and hand-harvested on a family farm in Calabria, Italy.  This ensures that only the finest quality products make it to your shelf.  

wholesale extra virgin olive oil

Il Re presents an olive oil with a balance of flavors that makes our oils perfect for dipping, cooking, glazing, or finishing.  We offer three product lines:

Batch 02: Our signature premium, extra-virgin olive oil.  Perfect for finishing and dipping.  It offers more of a ‘kick” than our minimally-filtered olive oil but maintains the same natural, rich and complex taste signature.

Batch 01:  Our minimally-filtered variety.  Batch 01 will delight users with its powerful, butter-smooth taste profile.  It contains more of the natural fat and sediment from our olives, which is exactly what some olive oil purists desire. It is good for cooking, combining into hummus and dips, and finishing.  

Gift/Mini Bottles: Batch 02 is available in an 5 oz. bottles. Perfect for tourism or gift outlets.

We know our customers care about more than just a delicious taste, which is why our business model emphasizes sustainability and authenticity.  You can feel good knowing Il Re is ethically sourced from family farms in the Calabria region of Southern Italy.  It is then bottled  and shipped in the United States at our bottling facility.

At Il Re, we don’t believe in tampering with perfection.  We produce our hand-picked extra virgin olive oil using the same methods that cross four generations.  We’re proud to bring you and your customers a product that’s pure, fresh, and simple – just as nature intended.   

Please don’t hesitate to contact Il Re to learn more about how we can help supply your business.  We’re happy to help you choose between flavor varieties, talk you through our production process, explain our quality certifications, or supply any other information about our fine olive oils. 

For Purchase Inquiries

To request samples and wholesale pricing, please call 1 (800) 809-9285.  We’re confident your customers will love our olive oil as much as both our satisfied customers and we do.

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