Il Re

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Il Re Extra Virgin, Italian Olive Oil is available in two forms – standard and minimally-filtered. Which is better depends on the person tasting it. We suggest that you try both and see which you prefer. Our premium olive oil is able to be shipped all over the world. For wholesale olive oil orders, please contact us by phone.

The quality and health benefits of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) can be measured by testing several values, including peroxide value and acidity.  High-quality extra virgin olive oils play a key role in the Mediterranean diet and represent a valuable source of polyphenols and natural phenolic compounds that have been attracting interest due to their positive biological properties.  We rigorously test our olive oil for all of the values that EVOOs are judged by. Il Re has been found to have the following values:

Peroxide Value (PV) of 3.8 meq O2/kg. The maximum PV value that an olive oil can possess in order to be considered “extra virgin” is 20.
Acidity Value of 0.17% per 100 grams. The maximum level of free acidity olive oil can possess and still be considered “extra virgin” is 0.8% per 100 grams.

You can read the full results of our quality values here.

As fancy as our quality and health tests say that our olive oil is, ultimately how it tastes is most important.  Here are what people are saying about Il Re:


12400921_10208045597555969_1040865452422106519_n“I was given a bottle of Il Re! This olive oil is delicious! I am very very picky about what olive oil I use and this surpasses most if not all of them! Buy it! To get a pure, organic olive oil in the states is impossible. Most companies say that it is pure and it usually is not. This is pure!” – Pasqualina Salvo-Sposato