Minimally-Filtered Extra Virgin


Size: 500 ML (16.9 oz.)
Region: Calabria, Italy


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Imported from Calabria, Italy, our premium extra virgin olive oil is still produced and enjoyed the same way it has been for hundreds of years. With what has been described as a unique flavor with a buttery-smooth impression and and strong finish, Il Re is perfectly suited for any use – and that is exactly how it is intended to be enjoyed.

Our minimally-filtered olive oil uses a traditional production process that retains many of the natural organic and materials within the oil. We then lightly filter the oil so that some of this material remains. The difference manifests in a smoother, silkier taste that has less “kick”, or “burn” than our standard olive oil. Both are quite good – which is better depends on the person tasting it.

Please note that our minimally-filtered olive oil will contain sediment and fat content that may be disturbed during shipping. We suggest that you let the oil settle for 24 hours after shipping.

Taste profile: Natural, buttery, smooth, harmonious


12400921_10208045597555969_1040865452422106519_n“I was given a bottle of Il Re! This olive oil is delicious! I am very very picky about what olive oil I use and this surpasses most if not all of them! Buy it! To get a pure, organic olive oil in the states is impossible. Most companies say that it is pure and it usually is not. This is pure!” – Pasqualina Salvo-Sposato gold_star-copygold_star-copygold_star-copygold_star-copygold_star-copy

picture1The best olive oil we’ve ever used. We need to order more. We’re planning on giving the oil for Christmas presents. We highly recommend it! (My husband takes a little shot of it before bed. Good for low cholesterol.) – Fran Tamara  gold_star-copygold_star-copygold_star-copygold_star-copygold_star-copy

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