Have you ever wondered why Olive Oil is always sold in cans or dark bottles?  This is is not done to make the product more appealing to consumers nor is it done to create a brand image.  Il Re, for instance, has selected dark green bottles for preservation purposes.

Storing Olive Oil in Dark Bottles vs. Metal vs. Plastic

The UC Davis Olive Oil Center found that a dark bottle is the best method of storage for olive oil and plastic containers can be considered one of the worst.  The latter is due to many reasons.  The first being plastic is typically clear which allows UV rays to penetrate the oil.  Plastic is also known to have traces of BPA, a chemical which can seep into the food it is storing.  BPA can cause brain and behavior conditions; however, plastic was created during WWII and there have not been enough studies conducted to find concrete evidence yet.

Dark glass allows the consumer to see the olive oil and examine the quality.  It also blocks sunlight, small molecules, and does not seep into the olive oil itself.  The popularity of packaging olive oil in cans and coated paperboard is becoming dominant in the industry as well.

While many may still prefer the option of glass since they can see the product, cans and coated paperboard are known to have the same benefits as the glass bottles.  The cans and coated paperboard are not only cheaper but are easier to carry and can be recycled as well.

How to Store Olive Oil (Temperature, Light, etc.)

Il Re believes their olive oil should be seen, so the glass bottles are as of now the preference package.  The best way to store Il Re’s EVOO is to keep it out of the sun and in a dark place.

If left in sunlight, olive oil can go rancid and become unusable to the consumer.  A modern trend among interior decorators is to display olive oil in the kitchen, such as on a counter top.  By doing so, consumers may never enjoy the prestige taste of Il Re.

To keep your Il Re EVOO in supreme condition, place your bottle in the darkest part of your kitchen.  After all, you want to be able to use it for months to come rather than have it turn rancid within weeks of purchase.  Ideally, this dim place would be a cabinet with closing doors or a revolving door, such as a lazy susan.

Do not store your prestigious Il Re EVOO near the stove, oven, or near your dishwasher.  Both emit heat which can cause great damage to this cold pressed olive oil.

If you decide to transfer your Il Re EVOO to another bottle, such as one with a dispenser, there are a few codes of conduct to follow in order to keep that rich flavor.  Typically, a consumer should only transfer 7-10 days of EVOO to a bottle dispenser and keep the remaining oil in the original bottle.  You want to transfer only as much as you think you will need.

It is important to be careful with measurements when adding any herbs to the olive oil. If these outside food variables are in the bottle for an extensive amount of time, they can alter the olive oil’s chemical make-up and cause the original, prestigious taste to diminish.  It is best to wait for the olive oil to be served and then add whatever you want to it.  Usual additions include, but are not limited to, garlic, parsley, and pepper.

As a host is preparing to serve their Il Re EVOO, they may ask whether it is better to use a dispenser to pour olive oil or not.  Unfortunately, this is not as simple as a yes or no answer.  Olive oil dispensers are typically made of stainless steel, a useful choice when wanting to keep the strong flavor of Il Re EVOO.  They also help control how much olive oil transpires.  If you do invest in a dispenser, try to find one that brands itself as air tight.  This will help the olive oil from losing any flavor and it will keep small, undesired molecules out of the oil.  The bottom line is olive oil will taste the same whether a dispenser is used or not.

Olive oil can be served in all kinds of manner.  It can be used as to make salad dressing, as a dipping sauce, a base on a frying pan, etc.  Keep in mind, none of this will be possible if the olive oil is not stored properly.

Remember These Olive Oil Preservation Tips:

  • Buy olive oil that is stored in a dark glass container, coated paperboard, or can
  • Keep olive oil out of the sunlight and store it in a dark place
  • Do not place your olive oil near the stove, oven, or dishwasher
  • Transfer your olive oil to a smaller container when serving
  • Try not to leave herbs or garlic in the olive oil container for more than a day
  • Dispensers are a personal preference