No brain is busier than that of a first time mom.  They have been on the earth for decades, traveled beyond their reach, and probably moved a time or two. With all their experiences, nothing has prepared them for the wildest adventure of their life: becoming a parent.

Being a parent for the first time ignites a part of your heart and brain that you did not think existed.  Instead of sky diving or swimming far out into the ocean, you become concerned with everything another human does.  Whether a baby is crawling or taking their first steps, it is all new to the both the child and mother.

As expected, a first time mom is cautious with nearly everything when it comes to their first born.  They are constantly asking themselves what to do, what brand is best, and why can’t the baby sleep longer than four hours.

While the response to these questions may seem intricate, one product can answer them all. To raise a nutritious, healthy baby, the first step is to purchase Il Re Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Olive oil’s  benefits for an adult stretch as far as New York to California, but for a baby, the benefits circulate the globe.

At What Age Can Babies Consume Olive Oil?

After about six months, newborns begin to eat baby food. A study conducted in 2009 by Clin Dermatol states that including Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in a baby’s meal can increase brain development and the child’s overall health.

The benefits of serving your child EVOO in their baby food does not stop there. EVOO is known to have high levels of Vitamin D. This assists the ossification of bone and diminishes the threat of a broken bone in a child’s early years. Since it contains oleuropein, EVOO can also help prevent or cure constipation. With this said,
parents should not rely on this as the only form of treatment for the condition.

Olive oil also help decrease the chance of child obesity, a condition that has doubled in the past three decades. This is largely due to olive oil possessing LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides.

All of these benefits can be given to your child with ¼ of a teaspoon of Il Re’s EVOO.

Olive Oil and Breast Feeding

Olive oil is similar to the components of breast milk. EVOO contains omega 3 and omega 6 which can also be found in breast milk. Furthermore, it has the same percentage of linoleic acid as breast milk making it a great source when alienating your child from breastfeeding. Like breast milk, olive oil is rich in Vitamin E. This is an essential nutrient if your newborn was born premature or is experiencing problems with the kidney and pancreas. It is not recommended to add olive oil to breast milk but instead, it acts as a replacement.

Cradle Caps and Olive Oil

The Mayo Clinic describes cradle cap as crusty patches on a baby’s head that are usually white or yellow in color. Before cleaning the baby’s scalp with shampoo, parents should rub olive oil on the cradle cap patch. The natural nourishment of the oil will help the cradle cap disappear in record time.

Using Olive Oil as a Natural Hypo Allergenic Massage Oil

Giving a baby a massage can increasing mobility, decrease anxiety, and provide healthy weight gain. Giving a baby an olive oil massage can soothe the skin, begin the scar removing process, and help the child have a better night sleep.

Although olive oil is high in oleic acid which can make a baby’s skin vulnerable, the oil also contains traces of linoleic acid which strengthen the skin. These two elements tend to cancel out one another.

Most olive oils are hypoallergenic meaning even if your baby does have allergies, they will not be awakened due to olive oil treatments. This is gratifying for parents with newborns, especially those who do not believe their child is ready to be tested for allergies.

Olive Oil and Ear infections in Babies

Babies are known to be prone to ear infections. Otitis is one of the most common infections children can get. It is caused when the middle ear becomes clogged. If regular ear drops do not help the affected ear, placing a few drops of warm olive oil can ease the pain and begin to cure the ear while you wait for a doctor’s appointment. Even if otitis is not the clear culprit, any ear pain can be soothed using this olive oil tactic.

Olive Oil Can Treat Diaper Rash

This extremely common when it comes to newborns. As their body is being introduced to every new element the earth has ever made, the skin is bound to have some conflicts with certain material. Diaper rash can be healed by use baby olive oil. Instead of using baby wipes will only introduce the skin to more bacteria, gentle rub a warm cloth with a little bit of olive oil on the affected parts.

Oil Oil Can be Used to Help Stretch Marks

Applying warm olive oil on stretch marks can help get rid of the unwanted pregnancy effect.  Leaving the oil on your skin for an hour will ensure that your body soaks in all the moisture and replenishing qualities olive oil has to offer.