Il Re

Italian Extra
Virgin Olive Oil

Our Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oils

Extra Virgin 500ml

A staple of the Mediterranean diet, our extra-virgin olive oil is like none other that you will find in the United States. The quality and health benefits of our hand-crafted oil is best enjoyed for all purposes – be it finishing, cooking, or entertaining guests.

“Batch 02”, or our standard olive oil, is what you would conventionally know as modern superior-quality olive oil. It ships clear and contains no organic material or fat content. This provides more “kick” to the taste of the olive oil and reduces the ‘buttery’ taste as compared to our minimally-filtered olive oil. Our filtered olive oil is well suited for finishing, dipping, drizzling and cooking.


Minimally-Filtered 500ml

We believe that good olive oil should not be stored away and shared only on special occasions. With a unique flavor, buttery-smooth impression, and strong finish, Il Re Extra Virgin Olive Oil is handcrafted and perfectly-suited for everyday use.

Known as “batch 01”, our minimally-filtered olive oil uses a traditional production process that retains many of the natural organic and fat materials within the oil. We then lightly filter the oil so that some of this material remains. The difference manifests in a smoother, silkier taste that has less “kick”, or “burn” than our filtered olive oil. Both are good – which is better depends on the person tasting it.


Do You Know Where Your Olive Oil Comes From?

About Il Re Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Il Re Olive Oil is handcrafted from the highest quality olives, imported from our family farms in Calabria and bottled in the United States. Our oil is presented the way nature intended – as straight-from-the press, quality tested, Italian olive oil. We do not mix, adulter, add to, subtract from or change our olive oil in any way. What you are tasting is the the same oil that our families have been producing for generations.

Would you like to share in the experience of our family’s authentic olive oil? These photos are from our 2015 harvest season. We took them ourselves while we were hand-harvesting the very same olives that go into every bottle of Il Re. However, as great as photos are, the obvious way to experience Il Re is to taste it for yourself.